About the aquarium

All animals and plants in the aquarium are collected from Shirahama

The marine fauna and flora of Nanki Shirahama are exceptionally rich. This aquarium presents those highly diverse organisms.

Invertebrate Exhibit

This aquarium features exhibits of invertebrates. More than 500 species of invertebrates are on the display throughout the year, which makes this one of the largest invertebrate exhibitions in Japan.

What are invertebrates?

“Invertebrates” are animals without a backbone. Up to now, about 250 thousand species of animals have been found in the world-ocean. Surprisingly, 90% of them belong to invertebrates.

Operated by Kyoto University

This aquarium opened to the public in 1930 as a part of the marine biological laboratory of Kyoto University. It is one of the few aquariums operated by universities.

Seto Marine Biological Laboratory

Field Science Education and Research Center Kyoto University

459 Shirahama, Nishimuro, Wakayama, 649-2211 Japan;

Tel: +81-(0)739-42-3515; Fax: +81-(0)739-42-4518