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  • Contact us

    Seto Marine Biological Laboratory
    Tel: +81-(0)739-42-3515 (9:00-17:00, weekdays)
    Fax: +81-(0)739-42-4518

  • Use application

    Two weeks before visit of the laboratory, please submit an application form to us via E-mail.

    Application form (Excel: 467KB, PDF: 378KB)

    See "Facilities" to find available facilities and devices.
    Lunch box delivery can be arranged only on an advanced reservation.

  • Evacuation routes at earthquake

    [Evacuation route map (Click to enlarge)]

    We set the evacuation destination (Minakata Kumagusu Museum) for Tsunami which is derived from an large earthquake.

    When an earthquake should occur at SMBL, evacuate immediately from the building/coast to Minakata Kumagusu Museum following the instructions for evacuation.