Type specimens for zoological nomenclature have been deposited in the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, with their registration number of 'SMBL Type', and labeled as "TYPE". Some of the specimens kept as "TYPE" are not nemenclatural types of any kind. Some unregistered specimens are also found with the indication "TYPE" on the label.

Harada (1991) investigated those specimens, and checked them against their original descriptions. He summarized the results for each species by uniformed format, indicating the species name, the nomenclatural status, the locality and habitat, the date of collection the name of the collector which are transcribed from the label attached to the specimens, and the publication in which the original description appeared. The list herewith shows the species names and their nomenclatural status from his list. Another new list will be published for newly described species and newly found, unregistered type specimens after Harada (1991).

Most of the SMBL specimens (type and non-type) were registered on the database of S-Net.

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