Main research building of Seto Marine Biological Laboratory
The spotted sea hare in a tide pool
Dredge survey using the research/training boat Janthina
Neustonic snail Janthina janthina, used as the name of R/T boat
Many organisms hide themselves under boulders in Hatakejima.
The Harlequin crab, an obligate symbiont of sea cucumbers
Five open courses of marine biology held in summer/spring
Hard coral in the Kuroshio coastal waters
Shirahama Aquarium Library
Hatakejima Island marine life in Shirahama Research/training boat


Volume 43 of "Publications of the SMBL" have been published.Sep. 15, 2015
Volume 27 of "Annual Report of the SMBL" has been published online.Feb. 4, 2015

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