Main research building of Seto Marine Biological Laboratory
The spotted sea hare in a tide pool
Dredge survey using the research/training boat Janthina
Neustonic snail Janthina janthina, used as the name of R/T boat
Many organisms hide themselves under boulders in Hatakejima.
The Harlequin crab, an obligate symbiont of sea cucumbers
Five open courses of marine biology held in summer/spring
Hard coral in the Kuroshio coastal waters
Shirahama Aquarium Library
Hatakejima Island marine life in Shirahama Research/training boat


Volume 27 of "Annual Report of the SMBL" has been published online.Feb. 4, 2015
Two papers on Volume 43 of "Publications of the SMBL" have been published online.Feb. 4, 2015

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